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Dustin T. Donaldson
at L'Orientaliste Antiquarian Bookshop, Cairo

Robynn Iwata and Yemkin
in the Great Sand Sea, Egyptian Sahara

We were recently honored by Siwa's Abdu Restaurant and Tanta Waa Cafe at the Cleopatra Spring when they each asked us for a framed photo of our Timasirayn Temple / Amun Oracle discovery. We delivered them in frames that we hand-built. You won't need our recommendation here to persuade you into going to Abdu Restaurant or Tanta Waa- you'll end up at both places anyway since they are the most popular and lovely spots when visitors want to experience the local Siwan scene!

ABDU RESTAURANT: On the far left is Fathi Abdullah, the Siwan who first told us that we should see Timasirayn Temple because "No one knows anything about it. Maybe you could help solve the mystery of what it is and why it is there". His intuition about it, and us, was right on! Abdu manager Aliwa is on the far right, below our gift to them.

D. Donaldson with Shazly, the heart and soul of the Tanta Waa cafe.

The owners and operators of live in the Egyptian Sahara desert oasis of Siwa. We have lived in Egypt for 4years and have tried all the available bottled waters in the country. All are of a very high quality, but one brand clearly stands head and shoulders above the rest: AMAN SIWA. It is absolutely the finest, cleanest and simply best water we have ever had- anywhere in the world! We especially like to use it when cooking. If you live in Egypt or if you are just visiting, make sure you try AMAN SIWA- you won't be disappointed.
We drink NOTHING else!

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